Pep Talk: Keep a Writing Journal – Kellie Sheridan

I’ve talked about writing journals before, even vlogged about them. But the reality is, I can’t get enough. The idea is to go out and get yourself a journal, any journal will do, but I think the prettier the better. And use that journal to write only about writing, specifically your writing. I try to write in it about every other day or so, just to quickly talk about how my writing is going, or why I haven’t been writing, or why I’m excited about what I’m currently working on. Anything goes. The point is to check in and hold yourself accountable.

Use your writing journal to get yourself motivated to do more with your writing time… I always want to have something positive to report to my writing journal, even if it’s just a fun new idea, or 500 words of progress on my current WIP. Then all you need to do is write down the date and start scribbling in an update about your writing, your ideas, your breakthroughts and challenges. It can lead to some really interesting breakthroughs, and also help to keep you thinking about writing even when you aren’t sitting down and working on your current project.

Writing Journal Entry Ideas…
– new story ideas
– brainstorming
– progress reports
– working through challenges
– check-ins
– goal setting

If you’re looking for more information on writing journals, check out this great post by Susan Dennard, or this vlog I did a few months ago! Trust me, this is an idea worth exploring, and all it will cost you is ten minutes a day, and $2 for a cheap dollar store notebook. And it’s fun!

kellieKellie Sheridan is the founder of Write All Year and co-founder of Patchwork Press. She writes both young adult fiction, and books for other writers. Really, it’s all books all the time. She also works as a Book Manager at Booktrope and vlogs for theYAWordNerds. You can find her or on Twitter at @Kellie_Sheridan

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